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Moscow Acelerator

Receiving applications is over
Rostelecom is Russia’s largest integrated provider of digital services and solutions, with presence in all market segments and covering millions of households, government and private organizations.
Kirovsky Zavod is one of Russia’s largest industrial groups that includes more than 20 enterprises. The group produces tractors, drilling equipment, turbine generators for icebreakers, equipment for thermal and hydropower industries, metallurgical products, and much more.
Kirov Group Ventures is its innovation investment arm.
SAP CIS is a subsidiary of SAP SE, a global leader in the automation of business processes.
The Energy Without Borders Foundation finances innovative technologies and research to address the needs of the electric power industry.
Focus areas
We are inviting hi-tech companies and startups focused on the following areas:
  • Energy asset capitalization (billing, client service automation, payment splitting)
  • Design and energy efficiency, energy and heat loss calculation programs
  • Load monitoring systems and grid equipment and infrastructure control
  • Digital twins for electrical equipment
Industrial Internet of Things
  • Data analysis and visualization platforms
  • Condition monitoring
  • Predictive analytics
  • Metering
  • Data collection and processing, Industrial IoT
  • Pipe control systems
  • Accident forecasting
  • Warehouse labeling and automatic inventory systems
  • Inventory management
Cloud B2B Services
  • EdTech and HRTech solutions
  • Productivity Tools
  • ERP systems
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Employee safety and monitoring
Industrial AI
  • Business process diagnosis
  • Neural network recognition
  • Intelligent classification
  • Repair process stage recognition for maintenance requirement cards
  • Intelligent search for sources of price information for goods and services (automated calculation of the initial (maximal) price of procurement procedures)
  • Automation of agricultural complexes
  • Smart quality control
  • Smart logistics
  • Digital assistants, chat bots
  • Image recognition
  • Natural language processing and text mining
  • Cloud ML/DL platforms
Additive Technologies
  • Composite pipes to transport hot heat carriers
  • Protective inner coatings for heat exchangers
Receiving applications is over
Opportunities for participants
Free acceleration program
Networking with local government and corporate partner representatives
Support from leading industry experts and partners of AI Factory
Technology assessment and support
Chance to win a cash prize from a partner and receive a grant
Publicity and events
Receiving applications is over
Participation terms
  • Final product or MVP
  • Competent team with technology development and business management experience
  • Startup founder must participate personally
  • Product falls under focus area topics
  • Company is ready to pilot solution in Moscow
  • Company is ready to join Moscow Innovation Cluster
Receiving applications is over
July 9 – August 22, 2021
Application Submission
August 23 – August 26, 2021
Entry Assessment and Selection
August 27, 2021
Participant List Announcement
August 30 – November 9, 2021
Acceleration Program
November 11, 2021
Demo Day
November 2021 – February 2021
Post-Acceleration Program

Questions and answers

The Moscow Accelerator is a joint initiative of the Moscow Agency of Innovations and the Moscow Innovation Cluster Fund. The initiative is designed to help startups scale up their innovative technology solutions. With support from the accelerator, participating startups will get access to Moscow’s resources and have a chance to partner with corporations. The AI FACTORY track is supported by Rostelecom, Energy Without Borders, SAP, and Kirovsky Zavod.
  • Energytech
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Cloud B2B Services
  • Industrial AI
  • BigData
  • Additive Technologies
If you have a product (or an MVP) relevant to one of the focus areas specified above, you are ready to participate in the accelerator. Your team must have at least two members with sufficient knowledge and skills in the chosen area.
Based on their traction maps, projects with visible improvements in performance indicators will be admitted to the final. It is also important to comply with the program’s internal rules and regulations.
Submissions are assessed in accordance with the Participant Selection Clause.
Projects (participants) will be expelled from the accelerator if they violate its rules and regulations.
Send us a note at and we’ll get in touch with you within 48 hours.

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