Al-Bassel Exhibition 2021

Al-Bassel Exhibition for Creativity and Invention is held in conjunction with the sixty-second session of the Damascus International Fair from 28 August to 2 September 2021.

Exhibition Aims

  • Al-Bassel Exhibition for Creativity and Invention, a true embodiment of the directives of the immortal leader Hafiz Al-Assad and an expression of the hopes of the nation’s martyr, Basil Hafez Al-Assad.
  • Embodiment of the slogan of self-reliance as a national position.
  • Encouraging creative people, inventors and innovators to continue their scientific trends and develop their creativity.
  • Maximum utilization of these inventions and putting them into practice in order to develop the base building.
  • Capital investment and benefiting from it in following up the national innovation process.
  • Providing a suitable general environment for the individual and public initiative and securing its material and human requirements.
  • Taking care of creators and inventors and protecting their inventions, making them public and developing them.
  • Getting acquainted with inventors locally and in the Arab world, benefiting from each other’s experiences, and strengthening relationships within the framework of creativity and invention with brotherly and friendly countries.
  • The exhibition is a mirror of the achievements of the people of the nation on a creative vision and the heritage and civilization of our nation.

Место проведения
Opposite Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital, Damascus, Syria  /online
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